The PTF first data release (DR1) contains a large amount of data from a high cadence science campaign in Orion. This campaign is described by van Eyken et al. (2011). Although we describe this as "M42 - Orion", the high cadence data does not actually overlap the center of the M42 nebula, and searches in the interface for "M42" will return a relatively small amount of data. The actual center of the high cadence data lies near 05:26:46 +01:50:50. The best way to retrieve this data is using the "Search by PTF Field ID" option. The relevant field id is 101001. The majority of these images are taken with 30-second exposure times, as opposed to the normal PTF exposure time of 60 seconds. As a result, the saturation level is somewhat brighter.

The following is a pre-canned access routine through the IRSA GUI. The search may take a minute or more, so please be patient.