There are two methods for retrieving survey data through the Infrared Science Archive at IPAC. Detailed descriptions of their use are available via sub-tabs on the left. 

  1. The first is through an interactive GUI which is particularly useful as a data exploration tool. The GUI interface is based on a standardized toolkit used by IRSA for all of its mission data.
  2. The second method is through an application program interface that uses http syntax. The IBE, or program interface, allows one to issue calls to the archive to retrieve data in an automated fashion (at the command-line). This is particularly useful for embedding retrieval from the archive in other software. 

Public users can access the data without the need for a username and password. Collaboration members will need to sign up for an IRSA account to allow proper credentials for accessing non-publicly released data. All users (public and private) will benefit from having an IRSA account, since additional features (such as preferences) are available to registered users.

Note that DR1 is limited to a half-dozen locations on the sky. The interfaces will not show the existence of data that you don’t have access to.