The intermediate Palomar Transient Factory held its 2016 iPTF Summer School on July 17 - 21, 2016 at California Institute of Technology. This 4th annual summer school welcomed over 44 participants from various universities and institutions. The Summer School introduced time domain astronomy to students by teaching them basic concepts and techniques using iPTF case studies. Cutting edge frontier research results from iPTF are presented in the workshop. A special session is focused on the public accessible iPTF data archive, teaching students how to get and manipulate the data. iPTF is committed to teach Time Domain Astronomy to students, and to help the community prepare for time domain science in the LSST era by sharing our experience with iPTF. The detailed program from this Summer School can be found at

The 2016 iPTF Summer School at Caltech

News Release • July 20, 2016